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Episode 2

Overcoming Obstacles with Rosie Acosta

Growing up in inner-city LA, gangs, drug-use and violence was a pervasive part of Rosie Acosta‘s childhood. She grew into a troubled teen battling depression, struggling with overeating, hanging with the wrong crowd, and plummeting in a downward spiral. With prison on the periphery, Rosie made a choice. Yoga and meditation offered her a ladder and she began to climb.

Today, Rosie Acosta is a world-renowned Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Holistic Health Coach. She is also the founder of Radically Loved: Yoga, Health + Wellness and host of the top-rated podcast, Radically Loved.

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  • Rosie’s journey from troubled child to yogi and motivational speaker
  • Calling out self-limiting beliefs and leaving victimhood behind
  • How having a purpose helped Rosie turn her life around
  • Getting responsible and taking agency over one’s life
  • How your values play into what you create



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