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Rosie Acosta’s Radically Loved Interview with Kelly and Amy

Living It podcast Rod Stryker

Season 2 of the Living It podcast will launch in September. Until then, we’ll bring you a minisode each month. For this throwback episode, we thought we would and share how this podcast came to be. When Living the Sutras first came out, Rosie Acosta interviewed us for her podcast Radically Loved. It was at Rosie’s prompting that we started Living It. Rosie has generously shared her interview with us so you can listen in and hear what and who inspired the Living It podcast. For those of you who want to find out about Rosie, her podcast Radically Loved or where she’s speaking visit RadicallyLoved.com.

For the August minisode, we’ll be answering your questions about yoga, the sutras and our book. Send your questions by the end of July. You can record a voice memo on your phone and email it to us or call 202-525-6653 and leave a voicemail. And as always you can message us on Instagram @kellydinardo and @amypearcehayden and email us through our website livingitpodcast.com.

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