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Episode 7

Happiness with Mo Gawdat

Living It podcast Rod Stryker

Mo Gawdat is the author of Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy in which he applied logic and problem-solving to the issue of happiness to create an algorithm to reach a state of uninterrupted happiness regardless of the circumstances of life. In 2014, Mo’s equation for happiness was put to the ultimate test when he lost his son Ali to preventable medical error during a simple surgical procedure. That led Mo to dedicate his life to share his happiness message with one billion people around the world. Solve For Happy is the pillar for this mission, #OneBillionHappy, Mo has committed to as his personal moonshot. 

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  • Mo’s formula for happiness
  • Why happy emotions are anchored in the present
  • How to prime the brain for happiness.
  • Spiritualities role in happiness
  • Practices to cultivate contentment



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